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Burial types

in Switzerland: so far and in the future

Stand: : 4. juli 2024

Burial in the ground
(so far)

With earth burial, the body of a deceased person is placed in a coffin at least 1 m deep in the earth. In Switzerland, there is a cemetery requirement for burials in the ground.

Cremation (so far)

The body of a deceased person is usually transported in a coffin by hearse to the desired cremation facility. Depending on your wishes, an abdication before cremation can be arranged there. The urn can, for example, be buried in the cemetery where you live in an individual grave or in a communal grave. In Switzerland, the urn can also be kept at home or the ashes can be scattered in nature. Burying the urn at sea is subject to certain conditions.

Terramation - the future

THE ecological way and friendly to leave and yet stay. Also known as re-interment. In just 40 days, the body is embedded in natural materials and safely dissolved in fine earth in a kind of special sarcophagus using the body's own microorganisms without the influence of heat. This can either be buried in a coffin at the cemetery where you live, or you can take the newly mined earth home into the garden and grow flowers or vegetables - this way the deceased person can become something new again.

Crypt burial (so far)

The body of the deceased person is placed in a coffin with a zinc insert and compressed air filter and placed in a crypt - more commonly known in Ticino and Welschland.

Further information on the subject of terramation

The term Terramation can be used in Switzerland in all 4 national languages ​​(German, Italian, Romansh, French)! Association in Switzerland: www.werde-erde.ch
Verein im Welschland: www.humusation.org
Germany: www.meine-erde.de Germany: www.stiftung-reerdigigung,de France: www.humosapiens.fr The “Humo Sapiens” initiative, inspired by the USA, would like to make “terramation” known in France. On Wikipedia you can also find information with the keyword: Terramation or re-interment - there is also reference to the experiences in America.


In Switzerland, the topic of burial (type) is treated very differently in the federal law in Article 53, and then at the cantonal level. In most cantons, implementation at the municipal level is defined in corresponding regulations. Terramation is already in practice in America and in federal states of Germany.

International Association

Le mot du directeur exécutif : Dan Ziskin a partagé sa vision de l'association: « Chez NORA, nous pensons que notre dernier acte peut être pour nos proches, pour la société et, de manière cruciale, pour la planète. La réduction organique naturelle n'est pas seulement une alternative, mais une déclaration de notre respect et de notre responsabilité envers la Terre. Alors que nous ouvrons la voie à cette pratique durable, nous invitons les communautés, les législateurs et les professionnels de la fin de vie à nous rejoindre dans cette révolution compatissante.


Have we sparked your interest?

Then tell your friends and acquaintances about the new ecological burial method. Certainly some politically active people are also interested in terramation. If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch - you are also welcome to register as a member of the CH association Werden-erde.ch!